PhD Students

  • Jean Moraes (PhD Fall 2011)
  • Daewon Chung (PhD Summer 2010)
  • Oleksandra Beznosova (PhD Spring 2008)
  • Darek Panek (PhD August 2008)

    Current PhD Students

  • David Weirich (Expected PhD December 2017)

    MS Students

  • Sara Mehraban (MS Summer 2016)
      MS Thesis Title: Some Notes on Compressive Sensing (pdf file)

  • Nuriye Atasaver (MS Fall 2014)
      MS Thesis Title: The Hilbert transform as an average of dyadic shift operators (pdf file)

  • Kourosh Raaen (MS Summer 2008)
      MS Thesis Title: A Study of the Gibbs Phenomenon in Fourier Series and Wavelets (pdf file)

  • Bernadette Mendoza-Spencer (MS Spring 2006)
      MS Thesis Title: The continuous and Discrete Hilbert Transform
      (PhD Program Math Education at University of Northern Colorado)
      Joint with Prof. Pedro Embid

    Undergraduate Students

  • Cullen Roth ((With Honors, Summa Cum Laude, May 2014)
      Honors Thesis Title: The Fast Wavelet Transform and its Application to Electroencephalography: A Study of Schizophrenia (pdf file) Went to graduate school Duke University.

  • Cameron Lavigne (With Honors, Summa Cum Laude, December 2013)
      Honors Thesis Title: Fourier Analysis on Finite Abelian Groups With an Emphasis on Uncertainty Principles (pdf file) Went to UNM for her MS 2014-2016.

    Cristina Pereyra
    Office: 320 SMLC

    University of New Mexico
    Mathematics at UNM