Math 511, Introduction to Analysis II
Spring 2018

General Information

Instructor: Matthew Blair
Email Address: blair ["at"]
Course Web Page:
Office: SMLC 330
Office Hours: 2:15-4:15pm on Mondays and 1:30-2:30pm on Tuesdays. Also by appointment.

1. Principles of Mathematical Analysis, 3rd Edition, by Walter Rudin (Required)
2. An Introduction to Analysis, 4th Edition, by William R. Wade (Optional)
3. A Geometric Introduction to Differential Forms, 2nd Edition, by David Bachman (Optional)

Meeting times/location: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9-9:50am in SMLC 352.

Course Description: Continuation of 510. Exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions (Ch. 8 Rudin). Fourier Series (Ch. 8 Rudin). Differentiation in R^n (Ch. 9 Rudin). Inverse/implicit function and rank theorems (Course notes and Ch. 9 Rudin). Integration in R^n (Ch. 12 Wade). Differential forms and Stokes' Theorem (Course notes and Bachman).

Prerequisites: Math 510.

Course Syllabus


Notes on the Inverse Function Theorem
Notes on Taylor's Theorem


Assignment #1--Due Wednesday, January 24

See handout

Assignment #2--Due Wednesday, January 31

See handout

Assignment #3--Due Wednesday, February 7

See handout

Assignment #4--Due Wednesday, February 14

See handout

Take Home Exam--Due Wednesday, February 21 (Not public)

Assignment #5--Due Wednesday, February 28

See handout