Math 412 : Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos    (Spring 2009)

Instructor : Professor Monika Nitsche, Office: Hum 465, Office hours: MWF 2-3
Time and Place : MWF 9-9:50, Hum 424
Prerequisites: 264 and one of 314, 316

Text: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, by Steven H. Strogatz

Course Description: This is an ordinary differential equations course which focuses on the study of nonlinear interactions. We stay in context of applications in physics, biology, and chemistry, and emphasize the qualitative analysis of the models. Sample applications are lasers, synchronization, population models, chemical reactions. The topics covered include: phase portraits, stability analysis, bifurcation theory, discrete maps, fractals, and chaos.

NOTE :   Math 412 and Math 316 are two complementary courses on ordinary differential equations. While Math 316 focuses on quantitative analysis of linear ODEs (exact solutions), Math 412 focuses on the qualitative analysis describing the behaviour of solutions to nonlinear ODEs.

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  • Monika Nitsche
    Office: 465 Humanities
    E-mail: nitsche at math dot unm dot edu
    Phone: (505)277-5039
    Office hours: MWF 2-3

    University of New Mexico
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