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  Math 264 Calculus III -- Fall 2017

StewartCurrent textbook:  Stewart, Calculus, 7th edition
Prerequisites: Math 163 (C or better, not C-)
A good follow-up course is Math 311, which further develops many of the ideas introduced here.
Coordinating faculty : Professor Nitsche
About the course: [General outline], [Learning outcomes]

Course information (grading, homework policy, quizzes, etc)
Homework, Mixed Review solutions

Help Desk: Calculus Table-DSH (Fall 2017 schedule), CAPS

Exam Reviews:
        Review Exam 1 (includes some solutions)
        Review Exam 2 (includes some solutions)
        Review Exam 3, Solutions
        Final Review Topics, Solutions

Catalogue description:
Vector operations, vector representation of planes and curves, functions of several variables, partial derivatives, gradient, tangent planes, optimization, multiple integrals in Cartesian cylindrical and spherical coordinates, vector fields, line integrals and Green's theorem.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, MSC01 1115, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87131-0001