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  Math 162 Calculus I -- Summer 2018

StewartCurrent textbook:  Stewart, Calculus, 7th edition
Prerequisites: (ACT=28-31 or SAT=640-700 or MATH 150 or Compass College Algebra >66) and (MATH 123 or compass Trig >59) or (ACT=>32 or SAT=>700)
Coordinating faculty : Professor Nitsche

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) (updated 5/12/2017)

Course information (grading, homework policy, quizzes, etc)
Homework, Mixed Review solutions
Help Desk: CAPS

Exam Reviews:
     Review for Exam 1, Solutions
     Review for Exam 2, Solutions
     Review for Exam 3
     Review for Final Exam

        Solving Inequalities
Installing Matlab (from UNM IT)
[ tutorial.pdf ] (short tutorial intruction to MATLAB)
[ longtutorial.pdf ] (expanded tutorial, FYI)
[ plotsin.m ] (simple script)
[ sectan.m ] (sample script that plots secant and tangent lines)

Useful and Fun
[Trigonometry Tutorial]
      [Calculus Demos]

Catalogue description:
Limits. Continuity. Derivative: definition, rules, geometric interpretation and as rate-of-change, applications to graphing, linearization and optimization. Integral: definition, fundamental theorem of calculus, substitution, applications such as areas, volumes, work, averages. Meets NMCCN 1614.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, MSC01 1115, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87131-0001