Mohammad Motamed

MATH 375, Introduction to Numerical Computing

General description

The goal of this course is to introduce the fundamental concepts of numerical analysis (accuracy, convergence, efficiency, etc.) and algorithmic techniques using Matlab. We will study basic (direct and iterative) techniques for efficiently computing numerical solutions of different types of linear and non-linear problems, including root finding, linear systems, interpolation, integration, and differentiation. Students will be expected to learn how to select and implement a numerical method for a given problem; how to identify various sources of errors from approximation to round-off error; and how to visualize, analyze, and interpret the computer outputs.

Syllabus     Tentative schedule of lectures


Mohammad Motamed

Instructor's office hours

1) Tu 14.00-15.00     2) W 12.00-14.00     3) by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Kyle Henke   (TA's office hours: Fridays 12.00 - 13.00 @ SMLC 206)

Recommended text books

1. Numerical Analysis by Timothy Sauer.

2. Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing by G. Dahlquist and A. Bjork, Vol. I and II.

Lecture notes

MATLAB Tutorial

Lecture notes on Solving Scalar Equations

Lecture notes on Finite Computer Precision

Lecture notes on Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Lecture notes on Interpolation


Homework Report Format

HW1     (due January 25th)

HW2     (due February 13th)

HW3     (due February 22nd)

HW4     (due March 1st)

eiffel1.mat   eiffel2.mat   eiffel3.mat   eiffel4.mat   trussplot.m

HW5     (due March 8th)


  • Midterm: March 20th, 12.30 - 13.45 in class

    Study Questions for Midterm

  • Final: May 10th at 10.00 - 12.00 in class

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