Mohammad Motamed

MATH 375, Introduction to Numerical Computing

General description

The goal of this course is to introduce basic techniques for efficiently computing numerical solutions of different types of linear and non-linear problems. Topics covered include: root finding, direct and iterative methods, interpolation, integration, differentiation, and ordinary differential equations. We will learn and use MATLAB to implement numerical algorithms.

Syllabus     Introductory slides

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Text book

Numerical Analysis by Timothy Sauer, 2nd edition.

Office hours

1) M 10:00-11:30     2) Th 13:30-15:00     3) by appointment

Lecture notes

Lecture notes on Numerical Integration


HW7   Partial solutions to HW7 + Matlab codes

HW8   Legendre_knots.m   (due May 5 in class)


  • Midterm: March 8 at 8:00 - 9:15, Room: SMLC 356

  • Final: Thursday May 12 in SMLC 356 7:30-9:30 am

    Study Questions for Final (posted online: April 18, 2016)

    Last updated: April 2016