Mohammad Motamed

MATH 375, Introduction to Numerical Computing

General description

The goal of this course is to introduce basic techniques for the efficient numerical solution of different types of linear and non-linear problems. Topics covered include: root finding, direct and iterative methods, interpolation, integration, differentiation, and ordinary differential equations. We will learn and use MATLAB to implement numerical algorithms.

Syllabus     Introductory slides

Text book

Numerical Analysis by Timothy Sauer, 2nd edition.


  • Extra Office Hours: (1) March 24 1:30-3:00pm (2) April 01 8:20-10:00am
  • No class on March 17 and March 31!
  • No office hours on March 16 and March 30!
  • Office hours

    1) M 8:30-10:00     2) Th 13:30-15:00     3)by appointment


    HW9   Legendre_knots.m   (due May 04 submit through email)


  • Midterm 1: Feb. 12 in class
  • Midterm 2: Mar. 26 in class
  • Final: Tuesday May 05 between 12:30-2:30pm in class

    Last updated: March 2015