Mohammad Motamed

MATH 312, PDEs for Engineering

General description

We will study different analytical methods for solving various PDEs, such as heat equation, wave equation, and Laplace equation. If time allows, we will also study numerical methods to find approximate solutions of PDEs.

Syllabus     Introductory slides

Text book

Richard Haberman, Applied Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems, 5th Edition, Pearson.

Office hours

1) M 09-10     2) M 11-12     3) Tu 14:30-15:30     4) by appointment


HW6 solutions

HW7 solutions

HW8 Solutions

HW9 Solutions

HW10 Solutions


  • Midterm 1: Th Sep 18
  • Midterm 2: Tu Oct 28
  • Final: Th Dec 11 (10:00-12:00 in classroom)   Study Questions

    Last updated: November 2014