Graph Theory:  Math 318

UNM, Spring '002, Professor Terry A. Loring

Graphs and directed graphs. Connectivity, planarity, labelings, colorings. Applications including: tournaments, matchings, optimization, traffic capacities.

This class will be offered via the web (section 400) as well as in the classroom (section 001). I will use a system that caputures the lectures in a format that can be streamed, at a time that works for you, over a 28K modem. These files will be available to all students to view for the remainder of the semester.

Prerequisite: My approval (over the phone, e-mail, or at our first class meeting). Typically, students take this after Calculus, but we don't use calculus. Enthusiastic Freshman (and even some high school students) should consider this class.

Preparation: Mostly, this will prepare you for a variety of topics in engineering and computer science.

Grade will be based on midterm, homework, and final exam. Midterm and final are not on the web and must be taken in person (but not necessarily on main campus).

Text (required): "Graphs : An Introductory Approach," by Robin J. Wilson, John J. Watkins, ISBN 0-471-61554-4.

Please contact me ASAP if you would like to take this as a web class, and see the Math 318 information at the Extended University site.

If you are not currently working on a degree, the simplest and fastest way to get enrolled at UNM is in non-degree status. In certain circumstances, credits earned in non-degree status will transfer to a degree program. Please visit the pages of the Non-Degree College of UNM for furthur information.

I need help advertising this class around New Mexico. If you know of a place to post this, would you do me the favor of printing my flyer? I have this in several formats: As a GIF; As a PDF; As a flash file embedded in an IE5 only page.