Math 327, Professor Loring

This is a survey of mostly standard topics in discrete mathematics Many of its topics are chosen to meet specific needs of EECE students, but the intended audience is larger that the EECE students Math 327 is good preparation for probability theory. Discrete models come up in biology, economics, chemistry, computer science, and many other fields. This is a good class for teachers.

Discrete mathematics is the opposite of continuous mathematics. Calculus is continuous mathematics. Discrete mathematics is, roughly speaking, the study of concepts and applications built atop set theory and the integers.

The book is the Third Edition of Goodaire and Parmenter.

Roughly, we will cover these sections from the book: §2.1-5, §3.1-2, §4.1-5, §5.1-3, §6.1-3, §7.1-3, §7.5, §8.2, §9.1-3, §10.1-4, §11.1-3, and we will cover finite algebraic structures and finite state machines (not in the book.)