MATH 562 – Complex Analysis

Spring 2009



Professor: Dr. Janet Vassilev
Office: Humanities

Office Hours:  MWF 10 am-11 pm and by appointment.
Telephone: (505) 277-2214


Text :  Classical Complex Analysis, by L.S. Hahn and Bernard Epstein. 

Course Meetings:  The course lectures will be held in 333 Dane Smith Hall  on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2-2:50 pm. 

Topics: The Mittag-Leffler theorem, series and product expansions, introduction to asymptotics and the properties of the gamma and zeta functions. The Riemann mapping theorem, harmonic functions and Dirichlet's problem. Introduction to elliptic functions. Selected topics.

Homework (100 points):  Homework will be assigned every other week on Fridays and you will have two weeks to complete it.  Late homework will be penalized 20% off per each day that it is late.  Homework will not be graded unless it is written in order and labeled appropriately.   The definitions and theorems in the text and given in class are your tools for the homework proofs.  If the theorem has a name, use it.  Otherwise, I would prefer that you fully describe the theorem in words that you plan to use, than state “by Theorem 3”.  Each week,  around 4 or 5 of the assigned problems will be graded. The weekly assignments will each be worth 20 points.  I will drop your lowest homework scores and the remaining homework will be averaged to get a score out of 100. 

Exams (300 points):  I will give one midterm (100 points) and a final (200 points). There are no make up exams. If a test is missed, notify me as soon as possible on the day of the exam. For the midterms only, if you have a legitimate and documented excuse, your grade will be recalculated without that test.  The Midterm is tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 6.  The Final is on Wednesday, May 13, from 3-5 pm. 

Grades:  General guidelines for letter grades (subject to change; but they won't get any more strict): 90-100% - A; 80-89% - B; 70-79% - C; 60-69% - D; below 60% - F.  In assigning Final Grades for the course, I will compare your grade on all course work (including the Final)  and your grade on the Final Exam.  You will receive the better of the two grades.

ScehduleThe schedule will be determined as we go along.  I will add weekly summaries of the material covered each week on the webpage.