MATH 180 Elements of Calculus

Spring 2010



Professor: Dr. Janet Vassilev
Office: Humanities 

Office Hours:  MWF 12 pm-1 pm and by appointment.
(505) 277-2214


Text : Applied Calculus, by S. T. Tan, Seventh Edition.

Course Meetings:  The course lectures will be held in Dane Smith Hall 227 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9-9:50 am. 

Topics: Limits of functions and continuity, intuitive concepts and basic properties; derivative as rate of change, basic differentiation techniques; application of differential calculus to graphing and minima-maxima problems; exponential and logarithmic functions with applications.

Homework (200 points):  Homework will be assigned each class but will not be collected. The suggested homework can be accessed at the following webpage: At least once a week, you will have a quiz on problems very similar to the homework. Each quiz will be graded out of 10 points. I will drop your lowest two quiz scores and the remaining homework will be averaged to get a score out of 200. 

Exams (500 points):  I will give three midterms (100 points each) and a final (200 points). There are no make up exams. If a test is missed, notify me as soon as possible on the day of the exam. For the midterms only, if you have a legitimate and documented excuse, your grade will be recalculated without that test.  The Midterms are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 17, Wednesday, March 10 and Wednesday, April 21.  The Final is on Monday, May 10, from 7:30-9:30 am. 

Grades:  General guidelines for letter grades (subject to change; but they won't get any more strict): 90-100% - A; 80-89% - B; 70-79% - C; 60-69% - D; below 60% - F.  In assigning Final Grades for the course, I will compare your grade on all course work (including the Final) and your grade on the Final Exam.  You will receive the better of the two grades.

You can find the solutions for Exam 1

Problems in 3.4