MATH 306/506
pring 2012

We will do group work periodically. The materials we will use for the different activities will be posted here: the proposed activity, any updates and follow-ups from the class discussions, reading material pertinent to the project and hints. I expect a group report in writing and on the board. Sometimes different groups will tackle different problems, sometimes they will tackle the same problem. In the group report make sure the names of all the members of the group are included, if you have used sources other than the material I have provided, make sure you make proper references (books, online references, etc).

Group Project 1 (Week of Jan 23-Jan 25): In this project we explore different plane models from the point of view of the incidence axioms. Different groups investigate different models. Here is the initial handout (pdf file generated by me) distributed on Jan 23. Here is a write out (pdf file generated by me) about the Toy model after our discussion in class on Monday Jan 23. It includes some remarks intended to help you with the other model planes.

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