This page contains information about deal.II

Installing deal.II on your department linux account (Scientific linux 6)

To install deal.II (release 8.2.1) on your department you will have first have to install CMake as the default version is pre-historic. Installing CMake should be painless, just download the latest version and follow the instructions in the README.rst file. The installation should amount to something like:

% cd cmake-3.1.0/
% ./bootstrap --prefix=/homes/appelo/cmake
% make -j 8
% make install

If the install of CMake succeeds you should add it the path by changing your .bashrc or .cshrc depending on what shell you use.

Next download deal and follow the instructions in the file in the unpacked deal source directory note that I had to disable hdf5

% cmake cmake -DDEAL_II_WITH_HDF5=OFF \
  -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/homes/appelo/deal .. \

% make -j8 install

This may take some time and it may be a good idea to start reading the description of step 1

Once deal has compiled and installed you can go to the examples directory and try out if the example in step-1 works.