Math/CS 471: Introduction to Scientific Computing, Fall 2015.ΒΆ

This course is an introductory course in scientific computing and will cover a wide variety of topics, some of them are listed below.

In designing the course I have been inspired by Randall J. LeVeque’s course AMath 483/583 so if you find that your are missing some information on these pages or if you want a slightly different description of some topic his class notes should be a good source of information.

The course repository where these notes and other files from class can be found is here.

The textbook Introduction to High-Performance Scientific Computing by Victor Eijkhout is available here.

Virtual machine

You can download the virtual machine from here. You will need to install VirtualBox to use it.


  • Homework 1 has been updated with David’s username dbizzoze make sure you invite both of us to your repository.
  • We are about to start with OpenMP. There are good tutorials here and here.
  • MPI tutorial here
  • Helmholtz resonator here and here

General information:


Laboratory work:


Technical topics: