This is an introductory course in linear algebra.


Daniel Appelö. appelo @


TR 1230-1345 Mitchell Hall 221.


I will list the exercises and homework for both the 7th and 8th edition of Steven J. Leon, Linear Algebra with Applications, Pearson. The content is (almost) identical but the price is considerably lower for a used version of the 7th edition. There is also a 9th edition for which the homework is not listed here. If there is extensive demand for listing the homework for that edition I will consider doing so.

Office hours:

TR: 08.00-09.30. Room: SMLC 310.

Grading scale:

  • All homework: 100 points. A few key problems from each homework will be graded, approximately 8 points for homework.
  • Two midterm exams: 100 points each (100+100 points).
  • In class quizzes: 50 points.
  • Final exam: 200 points.
  • Total: 550 points.

Lowest boundaries for grades: A = 495, B = 440, C = 380, D = 330.


A scientific calculator is required for this class. Some exam and homework questions will ask that the student use his/her calculator to emulate the steps a computer would take when performing a particular algorithm.

Missed Exams:

In almost all cases, a missed exam will simply be awarded zero points. In some very special cases, I may be willing to make alternative arrangements. If at all possible let me know well in advance that you might miss an exam and, if you have a valid reason, I’ll see what I can do. Only in extreme circumstances will a student be allowed to make up an exam that was missed without prior arrangements.

Dishonesty Policy:

Each student is expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity in academic and professional matters. The University reserves the right to take disciplinary action, including dismissal, against any student who is found responsible for academic dishonesty. Any student who has been judged to have engaged in academic dishonesty in course work may receive a reduced or failing grade for the work in question and/or for the course. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, dishonesty on quizzes, tests or assignments; claiming credit for work not done or done by others; and hindering the academic work of other students.

American Disabilities Act:

In accordance with University Policy 2310 and the American Disabilities Act (ADA), academic accommodations may be made for any student who notifies the instructor of the need for an accommodation. It is imperative that you take the initiative to bring such needs to the instructor’s attention, as the instructor is not legally permitted to inquire. Students who may require assistance in emergency evacuations should contact the instructor as to the most appropriate procedures to follow. Contact Accessibility Services at 505-661-4692 for additional information Disclaimer:

I reserve the right to make reasonable and necessary changes to the policies outlined in this syllabus. Whenever possible, the class will be notified well in advance of such changes. An up-to-date copy of the syllabus can always be found on the course website. It is your responsibility to know and understand the policies discussed therein. If in doubt, ask questions.