Spring 2012

Math 375

Math / CS 375 - Introduction to Numerical Computing Spring 2012.


This is an introductory numerical analysis course. We study numerical methods to solve linear and nonlinear equations, to interpolate and approximate data, and to perform numerical integration and differentiation. We will learn and use MATLAB to implement the studied algorithms.

Time and place:

TR 09:30-10:45. Room: SMLC B59.


Daniel Appelö


Numerical Analysis, Timothy Sauer, Pearson/Addison Wesley, 2006


Math 163 and CS 151 or equivalent programming skills. Linear Algebra (Math 314 or 321) and Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 316) are strongly recommended.

Office hours:

Handouts, homework and exams:


MATLAB Tutorial by Prof. Monika Nitsche

Homework 0

Homework 1

Homework 2

eiffel1.mat eiffel2.mat eiffel3.mat eiffel4.mat trussplot.m

Solutions Midterm 1

Notes on interpolation

Midterm 2 from last year

Files from lecture 1 & 2

script1.m myfun.m dart.m script2.m ex1.m ex2.m ex3.m ex4.m

Interpolation examples