Fall 2013

Math 375

Math / CS 375 - Introduction to Numerical Computing Fall 2013.


This is an introductory numerical analysis course. We study numerical methods to solve linear and nonlinear equations, to interpolate and approximate data, and to perform numerical integration and differentiation. We will learn and use MATLAB to implement the studied algorithms.

Office hours:

TR 10.30-11.30 SMLC 310.



Study questions


Homework 1, Matlab basics.

Homework 2, fixed point iteration.

Homework 3, Newton's method, secant method.

Homework 4, Finite precision effects.

Homework 5, Linear system of equations and the condition number.

eiffel1.mat eiffel2.mat eiffel3.mat eiffel4.mat trussplot.m

Homework 6, Iterative methods.

Homework 7, Polynomial interpolation.

Homework 8, Least squares.

Homework 10, Quadrature.

Homework 11, ODE.

Old exams:

Fall 11, midterm 1

Spring 12, midterm 1

Fall 12, midterm 1

Spring 13, midterm 1