Tenth New Mexico Analysis Seminar (Sponsored by NSF)
October 11-12, 2007
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Keynote Speakers:

Andrea Nahmod, University of Massachussets, Amherst
Minicourse on "Bilinear Operators in Analysis and PDEs".

Rodrigo Banuelos, Purdue University
Minicourse on "Martingales and Fourier multipliers. What's new in this old marriage?".

This seminar is organized by analysis aficionados at New Mexico State University and The University of New Mexico. This year the conference is scheduled in the Fall prior to an AMS meeting that will be held in ALbuquerque on Oct 13-14, 2007.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for scientific exchange and cooperation among broadly defined analysts.

This year the centerpieces of the seminar will be two minicourses given by the keynote speakers. There is time allocated for shorter contributed talks, most of them will be presented in special sessions during the AMS meeting.

If you would like to attend and give a talk, please contact one of the organizers by June 26, 2007. Doctoral students and recent Ph.D.s are specially encouraged to apply.

The seminar is being sponsored by NSF. We will provide travel stipends for qualified graduate students.

We intend to pay, at least partially, shared accommodations for all participants, and if there are funds left, we will reimburse some travel expenses to those participants who have no other sources of funding (priority given to speakers and junior participants).

Please register before August 27, 2007.
The registration form can be found here.

10th New Mexico Analysis Seminar Web Site


Cristina Pereyra:   crisp@math.unm.edu
Joseph Lakey:   jlakey@nmsu.edu
Tiziana Giorgi:   tgiorgi@nmsu.edu
Adam Sikora:   asikora@nmsu.edu
Robert Smits:   rsmits@nmsu.edu